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In just one recent year, the Department of Labor filed 3,200 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases, and the number is rising each year.

FLSA cases typically revolve around employers miss-classifying employees as salaried rather than hourly. This results in the employee being ineligible for overtime payments. When discovered, it can be a costly mistake.

Other widespread issues range from sexual harassment, workman’s compensation to proper board governance. None of these are present. All are expensive and distract from a business or organization’s real goal.

It is also typical for only 25 percent of the typical employee group to engaged. This group is the core group of employees that can always be counted on to perform and produce.

That same average employee group will contain a subgroup of 15 percent who could be labeled as disengaged. This is the group of people who is working against management.

Missing Ingredients Widespread in Too Many Small Businesses

Often overlooked are “basic” procedures such as job descriptions. These establish expectations and provide clarity for your employees. We customize your job descriptions to fit your organizational structure.

Performance appraisals, policy and procedure manuals are also important. We prepare performance appraisals for your organization that provide employee accountability and incentives to perform.

New or revised manuals will include detailed policies and procedures that your employees are expected to follow. these provide consistency and clarity for your employees, keeping your organization in compliance with employment laws and reduce liability.