HR on Call for Small Business


The Affordable Way to Protect Your Organization from Personnel Disasters like Lawsuits and Fines

Your Human Resources Department On-Call

When an employee problem, crisis or conflict arises, HR Solutions On-Call has the answers to keep you in compliance with the law and help you avoid costly mistakes—for a fraction of the cost of just one complaint.

From board governance to sexual harrassment, our consultants have the experience and expertise to guide you so that you can resolve workplace problems, conduct terminations and mediate conflicts. We can even help with crisis planning and federal regulations.

With more than 30 years of human resources experience, our clients get the best advice available. By properly addressing employee problems, you will improve workplace morale and increase productivity.

Don’t make costly mistakes. Call today to learn how our experienced HR professionals can help you resolve your issues.
The HR Solutions On-Call program is designed for small and medium businesses whose executives recognize the need for professional HR services. With one of our simple subscription programs, you have access to veteran professionals when you have questions that could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Case often involve sexual harassment, workers comp or other issues that tend to be very expensive in money and time. With lawyer fees, court costs, settlement costs, and fines, the total costs can top $250,000. Adding to this is the time lost to productivity. It is not unusual for the typical company of 30 or more employees to experience an incident every other year.

Thousands of cases and lawsuits are filed every year. Don't be one of them.